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Isn’t it interesting how breasts look different depending on placement?

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At first glance my blog comes off as a sex blog in which I am confident as Hell.

And don’t get me wrong, my blog is mostly that. But before anything else I am body positive. ALL bodies are 100 percent beautiful to me.

Was that always the case? Absolutely not.
I still struggle with accepting the stretch marks on my stomach. How big my hips are. How thick my thighs are. If this were any other girl in these photos I would be awed by her beauty and confidence. Until it’s yourself that you’re looking at. Liking who YOU are is the hard part.

But for the most part I did it. I got past it. But I feel like I wish I could have gotten my confidence differently. Seeing as most of you are new to my blogs, this isn’t my first, in my old ones I had not yet loved myself but I started to. And I feel like that was because all of the positive feedback I got for showing it on here. Can you believe I didn’t know my own worth until someone on Tumblr told me so? You know the first boy to have ever seen me with my shirt off I was so scared because I thought my breasts didn’t look the way I thought they were supposed to. Supposed to? What does the even mean? But sure enough when he looked at me and told me they were perfect, I suddenly thought so too. I’m so sad about that. I’m heart broken that it took a boys approval for me to feel pretty. Or sexy.

Recently I went back to struggling and I didn’t have a Tumblr to turn to or a man to make me feel better. I had myself and a mirror. I refused to look at it until the day came that I could say something nice to my reflection. And every day it got a little easier until finally, I had nothing mean to say at all. I’m so happy I love me, because of me. Not because of your approval (Not that it isn’t appreciated<3) or the rambling of a man who says so, but because I looked at myself and I loved it because I had no reason not to.

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Let’s Break This Site

Such a great series of gifs. Absolutely fantastic.

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Getting cleaned up from a dirty weekend

And getting ready for another?

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